Saturday 17th October 2020

The World Mission Sunday collection was due to take place at all Masses this weekend 17th 18th October. Envelopes available in the Church Porch for your Donations. Info on

Saturday 17th October 2020 –  Mass at 6.30pm via webcam on

Sunday 18th October 2020 –  Sunday Mass at 10am via webcam on

Daily Mass via Webcam at 9.30am Monday to Friday please join us in prayer:

The Church is open from 10am to 6pm every day. Drop in for quiet prayer or to light a candle. We will keep the area cleaned & disinfected but please use the HAND SANITISER as you enter & as you leave the Church.

Church Collections – donations can be made to the 1st & 2nd collections via the DONATE BUTTON on the parish website. The 1st collection goes to towards the support of the parish The 2nd collection goes to the Diocese.

All the SHRINE MONEY & donations in the black PDF BOXES on the wall of the church remain in the parish. During this time you can also make donations via the DONATE BUTTON on the parish website. Thank you for your ongoing support.

This is an unprecedent time, it’s time for unprecedented kindness

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