Saturday 29th June to Friday 5th July 2024

The Appointment/Announcement OfNewly Appointed Parish Priest

This is to announce that the Very Reverend Gerry Kane, newly appointed Parish Priest, will assume the pastoral care of the Parish of Blessington and the Parish of Valleymount, on Sunday 7th July 2024.Father Kane has been dispensed from the normal means of assuming the pastoral care of the parishes.

Saturday 29th  June  : Blessington: 6pm Mass. Confessions: after 6pm Mass. Lacken: 7.30pm Mass.

Saturday 29th June 

A reception is being held to mark the leaving of Fr. Richard as Parish Priest and Aine Egan as a Pastoral Worker.

The reception will take place after 6pm mass on Saturday 29th June in the Coinim Center.

All Are Welcome

Sunday 30th June: Blessington & Valleymount: 10am, Manor Kilbride: 11am, Crosschapel: 11.30am

Sunday 30th June

A reception will be held in

 the Stables Valleymount after 10am mass Sun 30th

to mark the leaving of Fr Richard.All parishioners are invited to attend.

Rosary & Holy Hour: Every Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm in Church of Our Lady Blessington

The Annual Blessing of the Graves & Cemetery Mass will take place in Manor Kilbride Cemetery on Sunday 30th June 2024 at 2pm.

Minister of Eucharist July 2024 Church of Our Lady Blessington SAT 6PM: Mary McCormack, Mary Fenton & Margaret Keogh SUNDAY 10AM: Margaret Flynn, Mary McHugh & Charmaine Quinn

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