Saturday 4th December 2021

SECOND SUNDAY OF ADVENT 5th December 2021. The message of repentance during this season of Advent is a call to each one of us to look deeply into our lives, to renew and deepen our relationship with God & our fellow sisters & brothers.

Saturday 4th December: 6pm Mass in Blessington, 7.30pm in Lacken.

Sunday 5th December: 10.00am Mass in Blessington, 11.00am Mass in Manor Kilbride, 11.30am Mass in Crosschapel, 11.15am Mass in Valleymount.

Tuesday 7th December: Holy Hour & Rosary offered for the intentions of our families from 7pm to 8pm in, Blessington. This is the final one before Christmas and will resume on Tuesday 13th January

Wed 8th December: Holy Day Feast of the Immaculate Conception.

Holy Day Mass Times: 

11.00am Manor Kilbride

11.30am Crosschapel

10.00am Blessington

11.15am Valleymount

8.00pm Blessington

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