Sunday 15th August 2021

Sunday 15th August: 10.00am Mass in Blessington, 11.00am Mass in Manor Kilbride, 11.15am Mass in Valleymount & 11.30am Mass in Crosschapel

Tuesday 17th August: Holy Hour & Rosary offered for the intentions of our families from 7pm to 8pm in, Blessington

Daily Mass: 9am Manor Kilbride, 9.30am Blessington

St Mary’s Schools & Blessington Parish Lotto. Numbers drawn for on 12th August: 4, 5, 8, 16. Weekly winner of €25 was Lisa Harrington. Next week’s jackpot is €825. If you’re not in, you can’t win! Text the word Blessington to 51444 or

Sunday 15th August Feast of the Assumption of Our Blessed Lady

“Take my hand O Blessed Mother, hold me firmly lest I fall.

I am nervous when I am walking and to thee I humbly call.

Guide me over every crossing, watch me when I am on the stairs,

let me know you are beside me, listen to my fervent prayer.

Bring me to my destination safely every day.

Help me with each undertaking as the hours pass away.

And when evening falls upon us, and I fear to be alone,

take my hand O Blessed Mother, once again and lead me home”.


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