Sunday 1st August 2021

Sunday 1st August – 10.00am Mass in Blessington, 11.00am Mass in Manor Kilbride, 11.15am Mass in Valleymount & 11.30am Mass in Crosschapel

Monday 2nd August: Bank Holiday Mass at 11am in Church of Our Lady, Blessington

Tuesday 3rd August: Holy Hour & Rosary offered for the intentions of our families from 7pm to 8pm in, Blessington

First Friday 6th August: Masses offered for all on the Altar List of the Dead

Daily Mass: 9am Manor Kilbride, 9.30am Blessington and 10am in Crosschapel.

St Mary’s Schools & Blessington Parish Lotto. Numbers drawn for on 29th July: 1, 4, 16, 25. Weekly winner of €25 was Sue Stynes. If you’re not in, you can’t win! Text the word Blessington to 51444 or

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